Hello, dear artists and thank you for joining us in this drawing lesson about drawing bows! It is perhaps the most ancient ranged weapon that has been used in the history of humanity. In addition to the sword, it was the most powerful weapon used in warfare for many millennia.

Step 1
Then, draw an extended curved line. The line should be curled equally.

Step 2
Draw a second curved line. The two lines must be closed in the apex of your bow.

Step 3
In the middle, you should draw your bow’s grip. Draw the tips like in our illustration.

Step 4
Between these two points, draw the string by drawing a unidirectional line.

Step 5
Create shadows on this side with light hatching.

In this lesson, we showed the students how to make a bow. We aim to make our classes accessible to our readers, and you can help us to make our lessons more enjoyable and more engaging You just have to send them to your acquaintances. Don’t ignore that on our site there is an abundance of drawing lessons on the different kinds of weapons in the “Weapons” category.

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