How to Draw a Bouquet of Flowers Easy

This drawing guide will help you draw a bouquet full of flowers. A rose is generally a name that refers to all species and varieties of the Rosehip genus members grown by humans. The majority of rose varieties are the result of long-term selection by repeated cross and selection. This drawing has been presented to you in ten simple steps. Each step can be used by artists of any skill level. Let’s get started!


How to draw a bouquet of flowers easily

Step 1: Sketch the outline of a bouquet of flowers

Let’s now look at how to draw a bouquet. First, draw an inverted pyramid. Next, connect it with another shape that looks like a triangle. You can imagine the volume of your bouquet and then outline the shapes.




Step 2: Sketch the Buds’ Outlines

On the inside of your bouquet, draw many shapes that resemble chicken eggs. You will need to draw a line around the inner portion and make a small incision along the edge. You should draw the lines so the wrapper is easily visible.




Step 3 – Draw a decorative ribbon

Make a gift ribbon. Notice the two pieces at the sides and the two at the front. Split the lower portion of the bouquet to expose the stem ends.




Step 4 – Draw the Buds’ Center Parts

Make small spirals in each bud. The spirals will be located in various parts of the buds depending on the shape and location.




Step 5: Draw the rounded edges of the buds

Continue to unwrap the buds. Create beautiful lines by placing semicircles on top. You are creating layers by twisting one petal into another. Layers are added to the spirals created in the previous step.




Step 6: Draw the lower portions of the buds

We are now at the end of this work. Here is a guide to help you draw a bouquet of flowers. Continue to unwrap the buds. Create beautiful lines by placing semicircles on top. Pay attention to the layers.  Layers are added to the spirals of the previous step.




Step 7 – Draw Outlines for the Leaves

Check your sketch. Take a look at the shapes and proportions of your buds. Correct any mistakes. After these actions, draw small leaves that look similar to many triangles with curved sides.




Step 8 – Draw the Folds of the Paper

Sometimes, small details can give the impression that the entire drawing is one big picture. Draw the outline of the stems below by folding the brown paper. Draw the bow outline on the dressing tape.




Step 9 – Delete the Guidelines

Take the eraser and put aside your pencil. Take care to erase all of the initial guidelines. You can make your bouquet more expressive by using a pencil or a liner to draw it.




Step 10 – Color the Bouquet of Flowers

Let’s color this bouquet. The stems should be light green and the buds should be hot pink. You can choose any color of decorative paper. You can add shadows to make your bouquet of flowers more vibrant.




We hope you find this guide useful. We welcome your feedback as it will help us improve!

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