how to draw a bottle

The team will demonstrate how you can draw a bottle. This guide will provide a simple way to draw a bottle. Still life can be created by placing a bottle alongside a wineglass or candle. The instructions are divided into six simple stages. All the lines have been resized to make it easier to create a work-of-art.


Step 1

Let’s draw a rectangle-shaped bottle. This will be the main portion of the bottle. A ruler can be used to create straight lines.




Step 2

Draw another rectangle, but smaller, above the rectangle created in the first stage. The rectangle should taper slightly towards the top. Look through the mirror to verify the proportionality of the bottle drawing.




Step 3

Connect the rectangles you created in the first stage by connecting them with two straight lines. These lines should reflect each other completely.




Step 4

Create the bottom using a C-shaped line. Next, draw the finish at the top of the bottleneck. Next, you can copy the sketch and continue to the next stage.




Step 5

Grab an eraser and put away the pencil. This simple tool can be used to erase all guidelines. Take the pencil and trace again the bottle.




Step 6

Use colored pencils, felt-tip pen pens, or paints to paint the bottle. To make the bottle appear more realistic, highlight light areas. The bottle has been painted light blue. However, you can customize it with any color.




Now, you’re reading the instructions on how to draw bottles. Try to draw something more difficult if you can handle the article. To improve your drawing skills, try to draw a Dragon or Captain America.

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