How To Draw A Border Collie Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How to Draw an Emu Bird

Step 1

The Collie is a small, fluffy dog with a high intelligence. Draw a line by drawing a downward slope to the left. Next, curve the line to make the eyebrows. Curve back to make the top of your muzzle. To create the cheekbones and nose, curve it back. Continue the line to make the lips and mouth. To make the chin, curve it slightly below and bend at the end to create the top of your neck.

Step 2

To make the wings of your nose, add a curve to the tip of your snout. To draw the eyes, fill in a small rectangle and then tuck the ear in. The ear has two straight lines. One starts at the top of your head and the other below the eyes. The one should be pointed up and the other should be pointed down.

Step 3

Let’s get to the chest! You will need to create a slight staggered line. Start at the middle of your chin, and work down to the arching backwards that forms the front of the legs.

Step 4

Start at the right side, draw a curve towards the back. Bend it, and then out the back. The next step is to add fur to the dog’s belly. This will create a large, drooping mass that can curve forward and upwards. Next, create a slight raised incision on the abdomen. Curve down to form the back of your front leg.

Step 5

Place the paws or patterns on the leg in the space between the front- and back lines of the forefoot. You can start by drawing a line from the chest to the front legs and then curve to the feet. For the fur pattern, add an oblique straight line to the top of that first line. To form the other foot, bring your foot forward. Make a small loop for each foot.

Step 6

Draw a small sock on the back side of the fur block, near the Collie’s bottom right. To indicate the toes, the bottom of the sock must have a slight curve.

Step 7

To suggest an invisible leg, the next foot should be placed in front the hind leg. It should be a simple oval shape, slightly curving up on the right. To refer to the toes, a small curve should be placed at the top of the foot.

Step 8

Large patches of color are common in Collies. To create your own pattern, you can put patches or pattern strips on the dog’s coat. You can do this by adding two lines to your dog’s coat. One line goes behind the head and ends at the mid-chest, and one line that begins near the mid-back and ends above the front legs.



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