On our website, we have numerous dogs, ranging from the normal dog and a comical canine as well as the Cerberus or the Black Shuck. However, for reasons unknown, the dogs have been hungry on our website, and that’s why we’ve made a decision to draw an animal to feed them.

Step 1
Lesson on drawing the art of drawing the bone We’ll begin with a regular rectangle.

Step 2
Then, on the sides of the rectangle, draw the edges of the bone like in our illustration.

Step 3
With the aid of dark and clear lines, trace the entire drawing, and then erase all lines that are not needed.

Step 4
The lower parts of the bone, draw shadows by using the dense and sometimes even an indentation.

Today, our team showed the students how to draw a bone quickly. What drawing tutorial would you like to see on our website? If you post your suggestions in the comments below and we will draw a lesson for you (if it’s not available on our website). We also suggest checking out the category “For Beginners” on our website. There is an abundance of drawing tutorials like this one.

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