Hello dear readers! This lesson will teach you how to draw a bogatyr. Holidays are characters in stories and tales that have a strong, heroic force. Many fairy tales and epics from Eastern Europe include stories about the bogatyrs.

Step 1
The drawing a man rules are used to draw the body and shape of a bogatyr. Next, draw the neck and spine with lines. Next, draw the shoulders and pelvis. In a previous lesson, the cossack posed in a similar way.

Step 2
Continue drawing bogatyr. You can add volume to the figure. The body parts can be drawn in the form of geometric figures. Circles are used for the shoulders, elbows, and knees. Different cylinders are available for the torso, arms, and legs. Draw the shield and sword in the arms.

Step 3
Add some general detail. Draw the helmet with hanging chain mail at the top. Draw a belt, scabbard, and armor covering the thighs at the lower portion of the body.

Step 4
Add the final details. As shown in the example, draw out the helmet. Draw the eyes and the chain mail covering the lower half of the neck, shoulders, and face. You can add some folds to your chain mail.

Step 5
Take off all belts and straps that are tied around the waist and hold the weapons. Draw the armor and fabric covering the pelvis, thigh, and legs of our bogatyr.

Step 6
Draw details on the arms. Now draw the armor around the shoulders and gloves. You can add some folds to your arms’ clothing.

Step 7
Now we will move to the lower body of Bogdanyr. Make sure to fold the pants several times. Pay attention to the direction of your folds. Add some folds to the joints and draw out the long boots.

Step 8
Let’s make the chain mail more textured by using cross-hatching. Next, draw the armor squares on the chest pelvis.

Step 9
We need to create shadows on the opposite side of the body if the light falls on the right side of the drawing.

This tutorial is part of a series of tutorials on drawing warriors from different eras and nations.

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