Welcome to the drawing class on drawing the BMW 7 series step by step! BMW is among the most well-known brands in the world. It is among the top brands for many and is the major rival of another well-known German firm – Mercedes-Benz.

Step 1
Begin by sketching out the main outline of the BMW like in our illustration. In this case, you should use thin lines. Be aware that lines shouldn’t be completely even.

Step 2
Then, in front of your car, sketch out long headlights, as well as the iconic grilles of BMW. Then draw out the wheel arches as well as wheels, windows, and doors. These lines should be very bright.

Step 3
Now carefully remove the grille and headlights. The grille in BMW is divided into two sections and appears like a nostril.

Step 4
Utilizing a long and curving line, draw the hood. Draw the fog lamps, the bumper, and the license plate. Make sure to erase the lines from the previous two steps, and ensure that the drawing is neat and beautiful.

Step 5
Continue drawing lessons on how to draw the BMW 7-series. The wheel’s arch is drawn in the form of a semi-oval as well as a wheel that is in shape that resembles an oval. Inside the wheel, draw the rim into a form of an oval.

Step 6
Draw the roof of your car Make sure to draw the lines in a smooth and neat manner. Split the windows in our example, and sketch the mirror in the rearview.

Step 7
Take care to draw the doors and handles. Draw the lower half of the car as well as the molding. Draw the rear part of our BMW along with the wheel which is drawn exactly as we did the wheel on our first attempt.

Step 8
We’ve reached the final step in drawing BMW. We will sketch the wheel (of course, you are able to choose any shape) and the details in the headlights, and the lines of the grille for radiators.

You can choose to leave your BMW in the final part of the lesson, or draw shadows. It is also possible to visit this section “Cars” to find out more about drawing cars. Also, don’t forget to share this and other of our lessons with your friends, and keep checking our website regularly for new content.


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