We are awestruck by German automobiles a lot as they are elegant, fashionable, and long-lasting. The two biggest rivals among German automobiles are BMW in addition to Mercedes. On our website, you can find an abundance of drawing tutorials about Mercedes however there aren’t many on BMW and we’d like to make sure that they are equal and have created an instructional video on drawing the BMW X6.

Step 1
BMW X6 is a crossover and crossovers are equipped with an adequate square body. Thus, we begin by sketching out the outline of a suitable tall and square body, using thin lines. In this phase, we simply must sketch the general outline of the body. So don’t push too hard onto the pen.

Step 2
In this stage, we keep using extremely fluid and almost transparent lines. By using these lines, we sketch the outline of the headlights as well as the bumper and the famous grille on the front of the car. On the side, we draw the outline of the mirrors the large wheels, and wheel arches.

Step 3
In the two previous steps, we traced the simplest outline of the body. At this point, we’ll draw extremely dark and clean lines. Utilizing these lines, you can carefully sketch out the outline of headlights with large headlights as well as the double grille, and an emblem on the center of the front in the top of the hood.

Step 4
We will continue drawing details to the rear of our BMW X6. In this step, we’ll need to draw all of the lines of the bumper, intake airways, and fog lamps that are on the front bumper. At the same time take care to draw the outline of the hood using the aid of long and straight lines.

Step 5
Let’s move on to the top end of the BMW X6. With the help of long, smooth lines, draw the outline of the roof’s slope. our crossover. Then sketch the windows on the sides and front. Then you need to draw a rear-view mirror.

Step 6
In the same direction as the roof, create the rear of the car along with the backlight. Continue the lines of windows and trace on the doors. Draw handles for the doors, and lines on the sides of the car. Then, draw the bottom line, and then remove any unnecessary lines on the BMW X6 body.

Step 7
With the aid of lines that are smooth, draw the shapes of the wheels as well as the wheel arches. It is important to note that this is among the most difficult steps in this course, as the wheels must be smooth and round. If you have done it, and your wheels appear like wheels from our example, and you are satisfied, proceed to another step.

Step 8
This process is also extremely complicated. In this step, we’ll need to draw those wheels’ rims. Start by drawing the central portion of the rims. Next, start drawing lines that go from the center up to the edges. You could draw rims like the ones we have shown, or create any alternative design for the rims.

Step 9
This is the final part of our drawing class on drawing a BMW X6 where we will draw shadows. The first step is to draw the glare of the body and the windows using straight strokes and light. Next, draw shadows by using the use of hatching with varying intensities, like in our illustration.

Another lesson was from the “Cars” category “Cars” category in which we taught the art of drawing an illustration of a BMW X6. In the near future, we’ll be putting together many diverse drawing lessons on various automobiles. Visit our site regularly so that you do not skip new lessons on BMW, Mercedes, and other cars.

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