Today, we’re going to teach you to draw one of the most famous cars ever. The BMW X5 is a favorite among every segment of society including schoolchildren as well as adults who are accomplished. Therefore, you should take a class on drawing the BMW X5.

Step 1
In the initial step, we sketch out the main lines of the cars. Utilizing thin and straight lines, we sketch the contours of the body that is square in the BMW X5. Try not to press too into the pencil as in the future, the lines will need to be erased.

Step 2
Let’s now add the most fundamental details to the car’s body. BMW X5. Start from the front, sketching out the outline of the headlights as well as the iconic radiator grille. Then we sketch the windows as well as the back-view mirror. The lesson concludes by arranging the wheel arches and wheel wheels.

Step 3
We’ll now begin to work on the final design that we will be using on Our BMW X5. Let’s begin with the famous distinct grille that is found on all models of the firm BMW. Then, draw the outline of the headlights, and then sketch the BMW logo on the front behind the car’s hood.

Step 4
We are continuing to work on the front end of the BMW X5. The first step is to draw the outline of the bumper, using fog lamps and air intakes. Then, you can go to a higher level and then take care to draw the outlines of the hood.

Step 5
In the same direction as the hood, draw the outline of the roof, which extends into the trunk. Then, draw carefully the outline of the windows as well as the rear-view mirrors. Don’t forget to not forget to take out any unnecessary guidelines that you have drawn in the initial steps.

Step 6
In this next step, we’ll finish drawing the exterior of our BMW X5. In the same vein as windows, trace the door’s contours. The handles should be outlined, then draw the lower edge, and ornamental lines along the sides that surround the frame.

Step 7
Make sure you draw the contours of the large wheels. Make these wheels as smooth and smooth as you can. Then, you can draw the rims. You could repeat the design of our rims or create your personal style.

Step 8
Utilizing intersecting lines, sketch the design of the grille for radiators. In the next step, add a small reflection to the surface of the windows. Then, finish the course on drawing the BMW X5 by adding some shadows using traditional hatching.

We made the lesson as easy as we could, so that the artist, as well as the insurance agent, can cope with the challenge. Tell us about it in the comments of this article or via our social media networks.

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