Mercedes, as well as BMW, are two of the most competitive German automobile companies. Recently, we noticed that on our website there are a lot of instructions on various Mercedes models, however, there is a reason why we don’t have as numerous BMW models. Today, we made a decision to remedy the situation and came up with the following lesson to teach drawing the BMW M5.

Step 1
Put the pencil with you and, using gentle movements of your hand sketch out your outline of the body of the BMW M5, as shown in our illustration. It is important to note that in the future, we must erase the lines we have drawn in this step and in the subsequent steps.

Step 2
In this case, we are using very light lines. With these lines, we sketch the outline of the radiator grille, headlights, and bumper on the rear of our BMW. In the lateral area, we will draw out the rearview mirrors as well as round wheels.

Step 3
We must begin with dark lines. Draw an outline for the headlamps on your BMW (try to replicate the shape of our headlamps from our examples) and the distinctive dual radiator grille. Draw a logo with a circle over”the “nose” and go to step four.

Step 4
In this part of the tutorial on drawing the BMW M5, we will continue working with the exterior of the vehicle. Below the headlights, and below that grille for the radiator, sketch the outline of the bumper as well as the rectangle registration plates.

Step 5
Now, it’s time to start working on that top part of your car. That is our car’s roof. BMW. Following the sleek line of the bonnet (or the bonnet should you reside in Britain) sketch out the roof’s outline Then draw the windows and rearview mirrors.

Step 6
In this stage, we complete sketching the car’s body. BMW M5. Following the roof line, draw the rear part of the vehicle. In addition, following the lines of the windows, draw doors. Then draw handles for the doors. Then draw the lower side of the vehicle and an extended line along the side that the vehicle has.

Step 7
The car’s body BMW is completed and we are ready to start working on the wheels. By using dark and smooth lines, we design the wheel of our vehicle. In fact, we believe that the process that drawing a wheel is the hardest because all the lines on the wheels should be as straight and smooth as possible. Therefore, we must be very efficient.

Step 8
Another challenging and painful stage of the tutorial is about drawing the rims of a BMW M5. We will draw the rims of our vehicle. We’ve drawn the normal rims that you see on many BMW models, however, you could design any other type of rim.

Step 9
We’ve finally reached the final step. Take a look at your drawing and in the same way, if it’s similar to ours, then begin working on shadows. Make use of dense hatching to create shadows as illustrated in the illustration below the text. Also, add glare to the body’s surface and windows.

Today, we sketched an impressive BMW M5. In the near future, we will be creating several more models for the BMW company. BMW. Therefore, make sure you keep visiting 3DVKARTS.NET frequently to ensure that you don’t skip our new drawing lessons.

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