Based on the subtitle, the class will focus on drawing an image of a BMW M4. Anyone who is well-versed in automobiles is aware that BMW M4 is a sports version of the coupe 4-series of BMW. It is a fun and fast car and today we’ll learn the art of drawing it.

Step 1
Drawing a car begins by sketching its body. So, we sketch the outline of the car using very light lines. Try to replicate the outline of our illustration. When drawing the body, consider the perspective. In other words, the front portion of the car must appear larger than the rear.

Step 2
In the front, trace the outline of the grille for the radiator (which in the near future will split into two distinct “nostrils”) and angular headlights. On the other side is the back of our BMW sketching out the outline of the wheels as well as the mirrors in the rear.

Step 3
As per tradition, we’ll begin working on the details and by custom, we’ll start with the front. Sketch out a typical radiator grille, which is divided into two sections. Then, outline the wide and curvaceous headlights. Make sure to draw out the fine details of the headlights and the lines of the grille for the radiator.

Step 4
Make sure you draw the curving hood of our BMW M4. Don’t forget to draw a hood line as well as a circular BMW logo. Just below the headlights, take care to draw the outline of the bumpers.

Step 5
Then let’s move higher, and following the lines of the hood draw the outline of the ceiling of our BMW car. Draw the outline of the window frames (do remember it is the case that it is the BMW M4 has one door on both sides) and rear-view mirrors.

Step 6
Now, we must draw the sides of our vehicle. Draw those lines that represent the handle, the door as well as the visible portion of the rear part of the BMW. Don’t forget to remember to delete the lines we sketched in the previous two steps.

Step 7
This is an extremely difficult task that is to outline the wheel arches and wheels in this step. Try to get the wheels to be rounded and smooth. After the procedure, we will remove any unnecessary instructions inside the BMW M4. Be aware that the BMW M4 has wide enough wheels.

Step 8
The next step is not as difficult, that is, we’ll have to sketch out the rims. It is possible to repeat the outline of the rims like in this case or design your own style of rims. To make your car have a cool style, choose large rims and lower-profile tires.

Step 9
To create your BMW M4 look not flat and unnatural, you can add shadows and glare. Create glare on the windows using lighting lines. Then draw the shadows using light hatching and apply them to the less well-lit areas. In the same way, we will draw the surface on the grille’s lower part with crossed lines.

The process of learning to draw the BMW M4 was quite complex, however, it appears like the end result was well worth the effort. If you’ve done everything correctly, you now own your very own BMW M4 and there’s no hassle with repairs or car insurance. Since the design of your BMW can be drawn with paper. If this was a great lesson and you want to support us, please join us through Patreon. Patreon and join us on Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media.

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