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Good morning Dear artists! Today’s drawing class will demonstrate the art of drawing a BMW i8, a hybrid car made by the company BMW.

Step 1
Today, there are a lot of cars trying to break away from petrol, but the appearance of their cars doesn’t alter in any significant way. We will sketch our drawing of the BMW i8 in the same method we sketched a Mercedes S class or any other car on our website. We will use pencils to with the aid of gentle lines, draw the basic outline that the automobile.

Step 2
In the second stage, we generally include the most fundamental parts of the vehicle located on the body, and this one will not be any instance of that. Utilizing simple lines, we draw the layout of the grille of the radiator as well as the bumper and headlights on the front. Also sketch out the mirrors, wheels as well as the details of a side part.

Step 3
In this first step, we’ll use clear and dark lines. Always, begin in front of our vehicle. By drawing straight lines, we can draw the angular lines that make up your headlights in the BMW i8. Then draw the typical lines of the radiator grille on BMW (similar to the grille on BMW 7. or any other BMW).

Step 4
Then draw the lines of the hood, on where the air intake is situated. Let’s move a bit lower and, using curving lines, draw the front curb of the BMW i8. Don’t forget to erase any unnecessary lines from the front of your car.

Step 5
The front end of the vehicle is now ready and we proceed toward the top. In continuation of the hood line, draw a slightly curving line from the roof. Then create the lines for the windows, as illustrated in the example.

Step 6
Follow the drawing tutorial to learn to draw a BMW i8. By drawing curved lines, draw the rear-view mirrors, which look like the leaves of trees. Then draw the lines of the door and specifics on the sides of the vehicle.

Step 7
The most difficult part of the drawing course on drawing a BMW i8 step by step and here we draw the wheels. This is because the wheels need to be perfectly round.

Step 8
The wheels are now ready, and we can begin sketching the rims. We have drawn the standard BMW i8 rims, but you could pick any type of rims. You can also add shadows, as we did in our tutorial on drawing the shadows of a Chevrolet Camaro.

In addition, this is also the very first hybrid vehicle that we have on our site. We already have plenty of gasoline-powered cars like Ferrari or even electric cars like Tesla.


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