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How to Draw a Blue Whale

Today, I’ll show you how to draw a Blue Whale. Although this is a large animal, drawing it is easy. You will see great results if you repeat the steps.

How to Draw a Blue Whale

Step 1: Draw the base

First, trace the outline of your torso. This asymmetrical flattened shape should be placed in the middle of the paper sheet.




Step 2: Add the head, tail, and part of the tail

Second, draw two long shapes in front and back. These are the approximate contours for the head and tail of our whale.




Step 3: Draw the mouth, eye, and nose of the whale

Whales have large mouths. Draw a line to separate the upper and lower jaws. To represent the eye, you can add a dot.




Step 4 – Draw the fins

Small fins and a long tail control the huge body of the whale. Let’s draw these fins. The eye will serve as a guide to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes when placing the fins.




Step 5: Draw the tail

Now draw the distal end of the tail. These processes are actually symmetrical. Because of their angle, we see them differently.




Step 6 – Add the smooth lines

The relief is located below the lower jaw. It looks a lot like the vertical web in Spider-Man’s suit. The lines narrow towards the fin at the lateral in our case.




Step 7 – Clean up the drawing

Remove any lines that are not necessary from the previous steps. Analyze the whole drawing to determine the proportions and individual lines. Correct any mistakes.




Step 8 – Color your blue whale

It’s a mix of blue and gray. To represent the shadow, use a darker base color.




This drawing tutorial teaches you how to draw a blue-colored whale. We are glad you enjoyed our drawing tutorial and created some great art. This is what we expected. Please let us know in the comments. We look forward to receiving your feedback!

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