How To Draw A Blue Rose Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing instructions that follow below.

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Make a design similar to this one Then, add an outline to the middle. This will serve as the foundation layer of your rose.

Step 2
Begin this process by drawing a simple opening. The bottom is pointed, and as is the top.

Step 3
Begin drawing the petals, making sure the outline matches the one shown here. Edges should be slashed or tear.

Step 4
Then, draw another portion of the rose petal. The petal should start folding as it will be positioned on top of the other petal. Make sure you take your time when you draw this rose to the correct precision.

Step 5
Once again, sketch additional rose petals. This time, you will see the rose beginning to expand and grow.

Step 6
Draw the outline of the rounded base. After that, you’ll create the opening to the rose petals down below. Outline with definitions for a consistent outline rose into bloom.

Step 7
We are getting close to the end of it. Continue to use identical rose petals. As you can see , the petals are 3 rather than two or one. Include details around the edges and you’re finished.

Step 8
Then, outline the remaining rose petals as follows. Be patient as this is the bed or background for your flowers. Incorporate details and terms in accordance with the requirements. Remove any mistakes and directions.

Step 9
Once you’re finished then, let us know what the rose looks. Naturally, when draw with a pencil, and then sketch, your rose will appear more real. Paint your flowers, and that’s all there is to it.

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