How to Draw a Blue Jay

Today, we’ll show you how to draw the blue jay. This tutorial is very easy and will show you how to create great results. Follow the steps carefully and don’t go into too much detail. Don’t forget to leave comments on how successful this drawing guide was for you.

How to draw a Blue Jay

Step 1: Create the base for the Blue Jay

First, draw the contours of your head and torso. The body appears to be an oval and the head a slightly flattened circular. Both figures are moved in a diagonal direction.

Step 2: Draw the neckline and tail.

Very small birds have short necks. This is a common problem, so draw a few lines connecting the head and torso. Add a long, curving tail.

Step 3 – Draw the beak

It is very easy to draw a beak. Draw two triangles on each side. You can also represent it as a diamond by drawing two triangles with an adjacent side.

Step 4: Draw the details for the head

Draw the contours of your eye and crest. Attention should be paid to the exact location of the eye crest and beak. The crest should be slightly obliquely directed and oriented backward.

Step 5: Add the outline of the wing

Draw the outline of the wing. As you can see the rear edge is the same as the bird’s back. You can add some large feather outlines, but not too many details.

Step 6: Draw your paws, abdomen, and a line.

Add the outline of the abdomen and paws. The contours of the paws are noticeable for their smooth bends and extensions upward and downward.

Step 7 – Add the bird’s fingers

Draw the lower paws. The bird is currently standing on the ground so the fingers should be horizontal. If you want the bird to hang on to a branch, or fly, arrange it differently.

Step 8 – Clean up your drawing

Delete all extra lines. If you notice too many details, you can delete some feathers. You can safely continue coloring if you don’t see any mistakes or inaccuracies.

Step 9 – Color your Blue Jay

This beautiful bird is easy to color. Both dark and light lilac colors work well. Pay attention to the glare in the eye. It makes the entire drawing come to life.

We hope you found this useful. You can practice your drawing skills by drawing more animals and birds in the special category. You can always find us on our pages!

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