Welcome to 3dvkarts. A new drawing lesson on how you draw a bloodhound step-by-step. This Belgian beagle is beautiful and was bred in Belgium. This lesson will show you how to draw a step-by-step method, just like the lesson about the Afghan hound.

Step 1
You can draw the head, chest, and pelvis of a dog using simple ovals. The ovals for the head should be the smallest. Draw the spine, tail, and limbs using simple lines.

Step 2
Connect the ovals created in step 1 by connecting them with light lines. Use curved lines to create hanging ears and simple geometric figures to make legs.

Step 3
Continue the lesson on drawing a bloodhound. Use dark and clear lines to draw a sad expression on our dog’s face.

Step 4
As shown in the example below, draw the body of your bloodhound using clear lines.

Step 5
All other guidelines should be removed from the drawing. The drawing of our bloodhound is nearly complete.

Step 6
Add some shadows to your drawing of bloodhounds, carefully hatching those parts where the shadow is not falling.

This drawing is a realistic representation of a bloodhound. You might also like this drawing tutorial. Try to draw another animal from the “animals” section of our site. For example, a wolf, or a horse. Your work will be appreciated. You will learn so much from your comments and visits. Thank you for your attention!

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