How To Draw A Blobfish

How To Draw A Blobfish

Step 1:

Start with a circle of the blobfish. Then, follow your facial guideline.

Step 2:

Utilizing the design you sketched in the first step take the shape you created in step one and sketch out the body outline of the lobfish. It’s irregular, distorted lines. Don’t forget to draw the flipper fins as well.

Step 3:

The eye guidelines in order to sketch the lines around the eyes and the bulging eyeballs in themselves. Paint them in and add wrinkles as well.

Step 4:

Draw the floppy nose that is placed over the top of the mouth. Then draw the creases as well as the large mouths that look plump. Sort of resembles Squidward.

Step 5:

Complete the body by adding the remaining fins and you’re finished. Remove the guides and mistakes too.

Step 6:

Your blobfish will look similar to the one in this picture. It’s time to color it.

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