Wild berries in summer are very attractive in the winter months. However, we are unable to not stroll through the forest in summer and gather an entire box full of wild mushrooms as well as Wolverine. But, we can draw these gorgeous things of summer. We have put together a drawing guide on drawing the Blackberry step-by-step.

Step 1

First, draw the blackberries’ outline as an asymmetrical circular shape that has a sharp lower edge. It resembles an intersection of the fir cone as well as an Acorn. We’re hoping that by the next step we’ll be able to taste something better than these two things.



Step 2

In this stage, we create a stem and a number of sharp leaves in the area around our cutting. You can pick the number of leaves according to your preference. Make sure to not make the drawing too big. As you will see, our basic sketch gradually begins to appear like an illustration of blueberries.


Step 3.

In the final step, we’ll sketch the outline of the berry’s pulp. The tenderness of blackberries is created by round cereus. To make the drawing of our berries appear realistic, we must sketch the contours of these stones in a random sequence. Be careful not to overdo it with the dark lines. In the future, we’ll have to rectify and improve the drawing.


Step 4

Don’t overdo it by extending the dark lines. In the future, we’ll have to adjust and add to the drawing of blackberries and the lines must be light enough to use for now. You should be able to see this type of berry if we’ve done everything correctly:


Step 5

We place light shadows on our berries. Single-line light-sweeping hatching should be visible on each drupe. If you think that light comes from above it is necessary for the shadow to fall on every segment of blackberry, starting from the lower portion. In the same way, you should draw shadows on the stem and sepals which can be seen from the sketch.

If you’ve managed to master the art of drawing the blackberry and the artists from Our efforts did not go unnoticed. The main challenge in this tutorial is applying shadows properly. There are many of them in this guide and they need to be put in the proper spots to produce an effect that is realistic. Blackberries are an extremely delicious food item. We’ve drawn a few more appealing and delicious blackberries. We would like to remind you that we’re constantly creating content, not only on the pages, but also on and, but also on our social media networks. Here you can find short versions of our instructional guides and announcements about upcoming lessons, and a variety of art and drawings which we share only on our social media networks. We update our website each day and you’ll see the most up-to-date and innovative drawing lessons!


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