How To Draw A Black Unicorn

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw Smurfette Step by Step

The unicorn is drawn from a perspective of the side. Start by drawing your head, the torso and butt guide lines. After that then add the neck guides and legs , and proceed to step 2.

Step 2
To begin the second step, start sketching the head of your pony and muzzle as this, then design the mouth.

Step 3
Then, draw the unicorn’s horn and sketch an ear. Make more stripes on the horns.

Step 4
In detail, draw all the way to the muzzle muzzle, then draw eyes, lines and nose in the jaw region.

Step 5
Begin by drawing the rear of the horse’s head and then the neck’s front.

Step 6
Then you are able to go ahead and draw your shoulders first, then the nail and leg shapes.

Step 7
Draw the other side of the ponytail, and then draw marks on the hoof in order to create a separation between the paw and the hoof.

Step 8
Draw the gorgeous flowing hairstyle of your unicorn. The hair should be flowing and hug your entire body.

Step 9
In this drawing, you’ll almost have the whole figure of the unicorn. Remember that unicorns are horses that have horns on their foreheads. Draw the torso to the side and ensure that there is an upward slope to the back, and that the lower part of your butt has been well designed.

Step 10
The time is almost up, folks. Keep moving towards the front. Make the legs of your hinds to one side. Incorporate details into the washer, and then proceed to step 11.

Step 11
In the final step, all you need to draw is the tail. It must be drawn with a smooth and precise motion using yarn lines. Remove the errors according to the directions.

Step 12
The line art seems to resemble the drawings you see. You are now able to make your unicorn black, or any other color you want.

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