How to Draw a Bison

This tutorial will teach you how to draw a bison, a large wild bull.

Are you familiar with this animal? These bulls stand out for their size and huge build. The bison looks very similar to the wisent. This is a common animal that gives off a chill from first sight. It would be difficult to meet a bison in person in an open space.

We will be meeting him on paper with a pencil. We will learn how to draw bison and then bring them to life using color!


How to draw a bison

Step 1: Sketch the general shapes

The dimensions of the bison’s body are impressive: its height at the withers is approximately 1.8-2m, and its length is approximately 2.5-3m. Our ovals will therefore be very cumbersome. The ribcage should be drawn with a long oval. The head should be drawn with a large circle. The pelvis should have a larger oval.




Step 2: Sketch the Spine & Limbs

The front of the bison is large, while its back is smaller. We will not take too much time to draw the bison’s legs. Draw a line from the top to create a “bridge” between your pelvis and your ribcage.




Step 3: Draw the muzzle and eyes of the Bison

The muzzle is long and elongated like the muzzles of cows, horses, and others. Draw an elongated shape, and extend the head of the bison. Two small dots are needed – these are the dark eyes that a bull is known for.




Step 4: Draw the Ears and Nose.

Bison’s ears are small and narrow. The neck is long and massive, but it’s also very short. Make a round nose. Draw the nostrils. Next, use a stripe for marking the location of the mouth.




Step 5: Draw the Horns of the Bison

Let’s draw both thick and short horns. They meet at the base of your head and curve inwardly. They almost touch the ears.




Step 6: Draw the Neck of the Bison

The hair on the chest, head, and beard are longer and darker than the rest of the body. This gives the animal more volume. You can draw fur on the bison’s ribcage and cover it with it. Let’s make a distinctive hump at your neck. The top of your head should be a straight, short line.




Step 7 – Draw your front legs

Draw the strong front legs. They are linked to the fur coat that we drew earlier. The short legs of the bison are firmly planted on the ground. The bison is very dangerous, and you can feel its weight even through the paper.




Step 8: Draw the front hooves and belly.

The bison’s belly narrows and is located closer to its hind legs. The hind legs appear longer than the front because of this. The largest animal on the planet, the male bison is about 1.2 tonnes in weight.




Step 9 – Draw your hind legs

As a rule, the hind legs serve as support for the bison when climbing small hills. The bison’s hind legs in this drawing are placed so that they overlap. This is something you should be aware of.




Step 10 – Draw your hind hooves

These should be drawn qualitatively and, most importantly, proportionate. Make a torn line at the areas where fur falls to the hooves. Done! Feel the strength of our paper bison’s fur by running your fingers through it!




Step 11 – Delete the Guidelines

The tutorial on drawing bison is nearly complete. Let’s get rid of the additional guidelines. Look at the bison’s head. It has a large forehead and a prominent forehead. You can also trace the silhouette to make it even more complete.




Step 12 – Color the Bison Drawing

Bison can be almost black in color, with a range of colors from light red to dark brown. Let’s make it brown. You can leave the white spots in the eyes and paint the horns beige. The nose will turn dark brown. The shadows add depth to the entire picture. You can then show the coat’s direction by making small strokes.




Cool! It was an amazing experience. It almost seems like the bison you draw on paper or on your monitor comes to life.

Power! You are the creator of your bison! What was the time it took to complete the drawing?

What associations can a bison invoke in you? We will now offer you our choices: power, strength, and the storm of nature. You now have the chance to choose – leave your comments for more choices!

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