How to Draw a Birthday Cake

Even people who aren’t fond of birthday cakes love birthday cakes. It is always a delicious and sweet treat that will be served at the conclusion of the celebration.


We love sweets. that’s why we’ve created this tutorial on drawing cakes for birthdays.


Step 1

Then, draw an elongated horizontal oval. This shape should be placed in the middle of the paper, or in another location when you’re creating an elaborate composition.




Step 2

Create two vertical lines connecting to the lateral sides of the oval drawn in earlier steps. It would be wonderful to draw this step with no negative results.




Step 3.

In this next step, we’ll draw the top of our cake. If you’d like to draw any dish or even a stand, then draw the outline of the cake immediately.




Step 4

If you’re looking to showcase your images in the pastry world then you can start today. We chose to create an extremely simple recipe, by drawing the lines of the cream liquid that was spread across the cake’s walls. Paint designs, like waffle buildings and pretty sprinkles or similar things.




Step 5

The steps to take for this step are based on the age at which you’re celebrating your child’s birthday. The version we have is one candle. You are able to create as many candles as you’d like. Each candle appears to be tiny rectangles with fire-like outlines over the top.




Step 6

You will see this step in both complicated tutorials as well as very basic tutorials. This is the part where we examine the steps of the earlier steps. If you spot any errors make sure you correct them in this step because following this, we’ll begin working using the colors. It can be quite difficult to correct mistakes made in the previous steps in the form of a color drawing.




Step 7

It’s a great time in which you have the opportunity to showcase your creative side. Pick the appropriate color for your dessert. In our example, these are pink-colored light shades. Remember the fact that blue color is considered to be the least appealing color.




This is a tutorial on drawing cakes for birthdays. We hope that this was a straightforward and informative guide for you. Remember to tell us about the issues you ran into when working on this lesson.

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