How to Draw a Bird

Dear visitors to Do you wish to know about drawing birds? If so, then, in this easy-to-follow manual of 11 steps the team at will show the art of drawing a bird effortlessly and swiftly.

Each new line of the step will appear in red, so you don’t become entangled in them and to ensure that even the least experienced artist is able to follow the steps to draw the bird.


Step 1

Let’s begin with the steps you draw birds by drawing an unrecognizable head in the shape of a ball. Then, you can draw his body as an extended oval.




Step 2

In the shape of an uneven triangle draw the beak. Next, sketch the beak’s cleft (i.e. the mouth) in the beak in an arc across the middle.




Step 3

Utilizing two thin lines, join the neck and head. Then, you must disconnect the beak from the head, similar to the artist of on the drawing below.




Step 4

The stage is quite simple, as we’ll show only two specifics. Make use of an oval to represent an eye. Then, add small dots to show the nostril.




Step 5

This step of the tutorial on drawing birds is not much more challenging than the previous one. Draw a wing using the help of two long lines.




Step 6

Utilize a few simple lines to show the tip of the wings. Then, draw the tail using a few straight and long lines. You can clearly see that the whole process is very easy.




Step 7

Therefore, we continue the steps to draw an animal. Draw the body’s lower part and upper portion of the legs with thin lines.




Step 8

With just some simple lines, show the fingers of a sharp claw. They are straight due to the fact that the bird is on the plane.




Step 9

With a variety of lines, draw the feathers’ plumage. After that, connect the torso and the tail using an untidy line.




Step 10

Then, use an eraser to clean the lines of the sketch of the bird. To make the drawing more clear and more beautiful draw it using dark lines.




Step 11

Let’s draw the bird. You can choose to use color palettes that are restrained, like the examples provided by the artists at, or create your own color scheme. This way you will be able to draw nearly every bird, whether a bird is like a crow or an eagle.

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