How to Draw a Birch Tree Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions are below.

Step 1:

Begin by drawing the roots. Draw a few small Wavy lines that go upwards and downwards.

Step 2:

Then, draw the tree. From the top of your roots, on the left, you draw a straight line upwards. Draw another line that runs across the root’s origin to the right. To give more detail to your trunk, add black dots on the inside part of your trunk.

Step 3:

Then draw the branches. Starting from the highest point of the tree’s trunk to the left side, draw a moderately inclined line that is oblique and away from the tree. The same procedure is done on the other edge of the tree. Draw a big “V” in the middle of your diagonal lines. There are branches!

Step 4:

Then draw the branches from the branches. Draw some large “V’s” from the branches.

Step 5:

For the final touch make the leaves. Draw large half-circles raised on the twigs and branches however, instead of drawing the line, draw small bumps that make the leaves appear more prominent. Draw a half-circle using the hump and out of at the very top. Turn it over. Be sure to ensure that the last half circle is connected to your tree. Follow the same procedure for the opposite part of your tree. For greater detail add humps to your tree’s outline, making it appear lusher.

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