Hello dear artists. There are many lessons on our website about different cars like Mini Cooper and Bugatti. We have a few lessons on two-wheeled transport so we decided to create a tutorial about drawing a bike.

Step 1
Let’s begin with the easiest. Draw two circles that will become the wheels of the bike.

Step 2
Draw the tubes of your bike using simple lines. Next, draw the handlebars, chainrings, and saddle.

Step 3
Let’s get to the details. Draw the handlebar, fork, and top tubes of our bike carefully.

Step 4
Now, remove the pedal, chainring, saddle, and other parts from the frame.

Step 5
This is the most difficult part of the drawing lesson. We will now draw the wheels. We need to make the wheels as flat as possible. Draw the spokes at the same time.


Step 6
The lesson How to Draw a Bike is nearly finished. To make your drawing more realistic, we add shadows at the end.

It was easy, we think. You can let us know if you think it’s not. We would love to hear your thoughts and subscribe to you on social media.

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