How to Draw a Bible Step by Step -

How to Draw a Bible Step by Step

How to Draw a Bible Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

This is an simple lesson to follow. All you need create is draw the square to represent the bible , and then create a cross on its front to mark the letters that read “Holy Bible”

Step 2

Now sketch the lining of the cover of the book as seen here. You will then make a cross, and shading outward. It is then time to sketch the back of the book, and then move to your next stage.

Step 3

The only thing you need to do in this final drawing is draw pages in the corner of the book. You can then sketch out the text which reads “Holy Bible”. Remove the guide lines on the cover. Then proceed to the final sketching step.

Step 4

This is how your holy bible will look like after you’re finished. Paint it black using a gold shaded cross , and you’ve finished your “how to draw bible” instruction step by step

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