We’ve got plenty of drawing tutorials on creatures, comic characters, cars, and electronic gadgets however, there are very few tutorials on clothing things. This drawing tutorial is designed to address this problem. That’s how you draw berets.

Step 1
In order to draw correctly berets, first, you need to sketch the basic outline of the object in the shape of an oval with a flat bottom. The team at will not stop reminding us that the initial steps should be done using thin lines.

Step 2
Let’s give a realistic look at our beret. The first step is to sketch the typical outline of the beret like the one shown below. Then, draw the bottom brim and the brim that lies directly in front of the head. The final beret should appear like this.

Step 3
Eliminate all unnecessary guidelines from the beret sketch and trace the lines that are necessary to make them clear and sharp. Draw a seam, and then add some folds. Also, you can also add other elements, like a cookie or a type of logo.

Step 4
What are we normally doing at the end of our lessons? Yes, we draw shadows. The instruction about the art of drawing berets isn’t a one-off. Include hatches on the lower portion of the beret in our illustration. To create darker shadows, add more layers of hatching.

The team from believes that the guide to drawing berets was actually quite easy. If you’d like to draw someone who could wear this beret, check out our tutorials on Sonya Blade as well as another artist. Check out our social media and make sure to share our tutorials with your acquaintances. Through our social media channels (such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter) we are constantly publishing much interesting and useful content. Make sure you subscribe to us so that you are aware of our latest updates.

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