How to draw A Beret Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

Step 1
First, outline the contours of the beret in an oval shape and flat bottom. reminds us to use very light lines for the initial steps.

Step 2
Let’s begin to create the beret in a realistic way. As shown in the below image, first create the contours of your beret. Next, draw the bottom rim. Your beret drawing should look like this.

Step 3
Take out any unnecessary guides and draw the lines necessary to complete the beret drawing. Add some folds and draw a seam. You can also add additional elements such as a query, or a type of logo.

Step 4
What are we most likely to do at the conclusion of a tutorial? Yes, we draw shadows. The lesson on how to draw a beret does not disappoint. As in the example, add windows to the bottom part of the beret. You can add contouring layers to create more shadows. believes that the tutorial for drawing a beret can be very easy. If you’re looking for someone to wear this beret, check out the tutorial by Sonya Blade and the artist. You can also visit our social networks to share this guide with your friends. We are always publishing useful and interesting things on our social media networks, such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. To keep up to date with our updates, subscribe to us

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