In the previous drawing lessons, we taught the art of drawing pants and, in the next lesson, we’ll draw the belt. There are many different kinds of belts. They come in various kinds of materials and various forms. In this guide about drawing an appropriate belt, you will be drawing the classic belt.

Step 1
Let’s begin our belt design with the most basic. By using an extremely light line, we draw an outline of a flat oval.

Step 2
With the simple lines, slightly curving We give our belts a more voluminous appearance.

Step 3
With the aid of several extremely light lines, We sketch out the belt buckle. We then sketch the edges of the belt by drawing an arced line.

Step 4
With the aid of smooth and dark lines, we carefully sketch all belt lines. Eliminate any lines that are not needed from this belt sketch.

Step 5
When drawing the shadows, create them as soft and smooth. For shadows with darker shadows make use of a second hatching layer.

Today we taught the drawing process for the belt. A lot of our readers like drawing clothing elements and have asked us to develop new lessons on the subject of clothes and accessories. We created a variety of clothes, shirts, and caps and in the near future, we’re planning to complete our category titled “Clothes” with a huge variety of clothing styles.

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