It’s strange, but we see a lot of enthusiasm for drawing tutorials that show us drawing vegetables. The first time we saw it, we thought that was boring. Actually, we’ve been drawn lessons on Deadpool as well as Batman in armor. Batman.

In the comments, you mention that you enjoy drawing not just characters drawn from comics but normal things. You might, for instance, like vegetables and fruits. This is why we have put together a new course on drawing bell peppers step-by-step. In addition, it’s a very delicious and tasty item. Make sure to include it in your salad.

Step 1

Then, we sketch an outline around the bell pepper as well as the stem. Do not attempt to make it perfectly smooth. Be sure to draw a smooth line from the top to the bottom.


Step 2

In actuality, we’ll concentrate on the top portion of the bell pepper. Utilizing a variety of Oblique lines, we create an extensive impression on the upper portion that the pepper has. In the same way, we draw the contours of volume on the stem.


Step 3.

We will now take away the additional guidelines that were created in the earlier steps. The lines that indicate the central impression must be extremely smooth.


Step 4

We painted the fragrant sweet, crisp bell pepper. We are now working using shadows. In this case, we can see realistic light shadows. You can select any location for your shadow. We decided to draw the shadows in the vicinity of the central impression as well as the stem.


In this drawing lesson, we taught you ways to draw bell peppers in our traditional style. We always try to illustrate the most difficult task using the most simple method. We sincerely would like to see you draw a pepper as easily as the artists we have. We’re hungry. It’s time to cook us a delicious burger with a flavor that’s packed with sweet bell pepper. We hope you, too, can now enjoy something delicious from the drawings we’ve already created. Good appetite! Do not forget to check back with us frequently for fresh drawing classes.

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