How to Draw A Bell easy Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

In the beginning of this tutorial on drawing the bell, we’ll begin by drawing sketching the contours of the bell. We will make use of an outline of a circle to mark to draw the top portion of the bell and that line will then bulge outwards into the bell’s mouth.

Draw a curving horizontal line across the bell, extending to the bell’s mouth. In the lower part of the bell there should be a gap that will be filled with the bell clip later.

It should be a good way to prepare yourself for the next steps and you can proceed to the next step!

Step 2: Next you will draw the clamp and some other details of the bell ring.
Once you’ve got an outline for the bell you can begin drawing particulars to the drawing.

Bells can’t function properly without clapping people, so we’ll draw it at the beginning of this process. To draw this, draw a few small lines on the blank, and then draw a circle on top of the lines, as seen in the image reference.

Then draw a second line that runs along the bell’s mouth to shape its lips. In the final step, we’ll complete this process by drawing a second line at on the top edge of the bell.

Step 3 – Now , draw the handle of the bell.
Although the bell isn’t very useful without a clamp it’s difficult to use without a handle too.

This is why we’re going to add a bell in this part of our tutorial on drawing the handle of a bell. To draw this handle first, extend two short, straight lines to the high point of the bell. Then , draw a thin line across the entire width of the handle.

Draw a curving line that covers the rest of the handle as shown in the image reference. It will be available to you later on!

Step 4: Next you will draw some specifics on the handle
Handle of the bell is likely to be constructed from polished wood. We will draw some wood specifics on it as a section of your bell design.

In order to do this, we’ll draw an array of wavy lines over the handle. This will allow us to recreate the appearance that wood has.

This should be the final part of the sketch, and within the following two stages, we’ll finish the drawing by adding some final details as with some amazing colors to complete the drawing.

Step 5 – Now , you can finish the specifics of the bell sketch
In the fifth and final section of our drawing bell drawing tutorial, we’ll finish the details and strokes prior to proceeding to the final portion.

The final strokes are relatively easy to apply however, they can make a huge difference in connecting the drawings in a an original way.

We’ll walk through these steps step-by step, and then we’ll begin by the clapping. You can also add a tiny curvature to your ball towards the top of the grip.

We’ll then draw more curvatures inside the bell that extend out from the mouth and over. The lines will curvature in a manner that they look like bell curvature.

We’ll also add lines on the handle to add some more details. This concludes the tutorial’s details and now you’re able to include your own particulars you’d like to add to include in your pictures!

You could add some details like a background hands holding the bell, or perhaps a pattern the bell could be integrated into.

There are so many great ideas to think up and we’re eager to see what ideas you come up with to do to accomplish!

Step 6: Finish your bell design using colors
You’ve spent a lot of time on your bell design, now you can enjoy coloring it up to complete it!

In the reference image we have used a variety of shades of gold to the bell’s metallic to give the appearance of a metallic.

We used various shades of brown to match the polished wooden handle. We chose these shades in our illustration however, here’s where you are free to play with your choice and let us know which colours you think be ideal for this design.

You can also play and play around with your preferred media and tools for bringing the color of life

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