The site has been around for a long time and throughout our existence, from time to time we have been asked to teach the drawing process of the turkey. The tutorial is complete and we are ready to begin the drawing process.

Step 1
The first step is to draw a huge circle, which is the torso of an elongated turkey. Then draw a head with a round shape and join it to the torso by a curving line.

Step 2
Add wings with lines and a long, beautiful tail. In the lower section, sketch out the position on the leg.

Step 3.
Draw out a small eye and beak. Make your neck, wings, and legs more robust. Draw the claws as well as the outline of the feathers from the tail.

Step 4
Utilizing the eraser removes any guidelines. With clear and dark lines, draw the outline of the turkey. Draw specifics, like the outline of feathers.

Step 5
It is a very difficult part of the course on drawing the turkey. In this step, we’ll need to draw the outline of all the feathers that we will draw.

Step 6
The turkey sketch is done. It is now time to create some shadows using hatching. If you have followed our steps then you’ll have an authentic turkey.

The most important aspect of drawing is practicing. The only way to improve your drawing skills is to practice. develop into a great artist. Draw the turkey using our illustration. After that, using the rules in this lesson, try drawing the turkey using different poses or from the opposite side. Practice regularly and keep checking our site for new drawing lessons.

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