How To Draw A Beautiful Girl Face || Girl with Glasses

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.


Step 1

These head/face guides will be made, and then the outline of the face guides will be done.

Step 2

You will now sketch the delicate features of this little girl, and then draw her hair position starting with long bangs.

Step 3

Next, color your well-shaped eyebrows. Next, line your upper eyelids as before. Make sure they are a bit polished.

Step 4

Draw the eye shapes and add the lashes. Continue to step 5 by adding the slight shape of her nose.

Step 5

Draw the nose and draw the mouth. To make her even prettier, I gave her more full lips. To create a chin dimple, add a dimple below the bottom lip.

Step 6

Finish drawing her head in her neat hairstyle. It should be straight, long, and a little feathery.

Step 7

Next, draw in her neck and shoulders.

Step 8

To add texture and detail to her hair, erase the guide lines from her face.

Step 9

When you are done, this is your finished drawing. You can now add color or a pretty face to this drawing.



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