We noticed that many of our readers enjoy lessons on drawing characters in chibi style. Today, we will show you how to draw a gorgeous chibi girl.

Step 1
Let’s begin by drawing the head of the beautiful, round-shaped chibi girl. To make it easier to draw details on the face, we will draw two lines that intersect in the middle of the face.

Step 2
The body of chibi people is typically equal in height to their heads, but today we chose to draw a feminine image. Therefore, the body of the beautiful Chibi girl will be taller than her head and more rounded. The rounded hips, widening of the torso, and hidden arms behind the back are all signs of a chibi girl.

Step 3
Let’s start by adding the most basic details of the beautiful chibi girl illustration. We will draw the head with the large chibi eyes and mouth, as well as the cute hairstyle. Draw the outline of clothing on the body.

Step 4
Let’s now take care of the details. We will use dark and clear lines. The pupils should be drawn with hatching.

Step 5
The outline of your face can be drawn using long, smooth lines. Next, draw the smiley mouth.

Step 6
This step will show the beautiful chibi girl’s head. This step will show the outline of the hairstyle, and then we’ll remove any remaining guidelines.

Step 7
Let’s now get to the torso for the cute chibi girl. Draw the neckline and outline of the clothing using clear lines, keeping in mind the curves of your body. Don’t forget to add some folds to the fabric.

Step 8
We will continue to draw the clothing outlines on the lower body, following the same lines as the clothing on the torso. With long, smooth lines, draw the legs for the cute chibi girl.

Your gorgeous chibi girl drawing can be left as is or you can add shadows or colors. If this lesson appeals to you, you can go to the “Anime” category on our website. There you will find many cute and very useful lessons about chibi. You can also go to “For Beginners”, where you’ll find many simple, informative lessons.

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