In this drawing lesson, we will be discussing drawing the cat. We broke down the drawing process into a couple of easy steps so that every one of our readers was able to draw the image of a cat.

Step 1
Start with the simplest of design: draw a circle neck, a thorax, and the pelvis. These circles are connected by thin lines that define your neck, spine, and tail. Sketch out our limbs with gentle lines.

Step 2
On the head, draw two lines that cross in the middle. Over the line of horizontal, we draw eyes that are almond-shaped. Draw the ears with pointed tips, nose, and mouth.

Step 3
Connect the head and thorax using the neck. At the same time, draw the round front paws of the cats.

Step 4
Connect the pelvis and chest to form the form of the torso. Next, draw a curving with a rounded tail, along with hind paws.

Step 5
With clear and dark lines, draw out your eyes, drawing the pupil in the eyes. Then draw the outline of the nose, head, and mouth.

Step 6
With the help of small lines, we create fur around the neck and the front paws.

Step 7
By removing the rest of the guidelines sketch the “fur” outlines of the body, tail as well as hind paws.

Step 8
Draw long whiskers and then add shadows by creating hatching. If you envision that light is coming from above then the shadows must be on the lower edges of the body of the cat.

Everyone who holds the pencil in his hand would like to know how to draw the cat. We wish that our artists can show you how to draw cats.

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