How to Draw a Beard

In this tutorial, we will teach the reader what to draw beards. This step is important when drawing someone and drawing a figure of a human.

We will demonstrate ways to draw beards independently of the facial. If you’d like instructions on drawing a beard using faces, be sure to inform us with your thoughts in the comments.

To begin learning start by making your most loved set of an artist’s tools that you can use, be it an artist’s pencil using paper or a tablet with graphics. Do you have everything done? Let’s start!


Step 1

Then, draw the top of the mustache using an outline that is similar as the letters”M. The mustache comes in a variety of shapes, so try not to recreate all of the details exactly like the sketch by the artists at




Step 2

With two lines we show the lower part of the mustache. Do not attempt to duplicate the mustache like in our example.




Step 3

With two lines drawn on the sides, draw the upper line of the beard. It is in the cheeks. These lines are smooth, however, you can modify them to be a bit sharper.




Step 4

Go to the bottom and draw an outline of a beard under the mustache. The sketch will look more like a sketch of a beard does it not?




Step 5

When you reach this stage your sketch will be like a beard sketch. Make sure to give your beard a snazzy look or as we did show in the illustration, or choose any different shape.




Step 6

Let’s begin to sketch the texture of beards now. For this, sketch several lines. These lines represent the texture of hair and should be drawn starting from the root to the ends.




Step 7

At this moment you, our dear visitors of time to show your imagination. Paint your beard in any shade you like. It could be natural colors like black, brown white, red, or something more unique.




We think that this guideline for drawing beards was easy. You should visit the category that has basic drawing tutorials for learning how to draw an individual and all his features like eyelids and nose.

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