How to Draw a Bear Head

In the previous guidelines, we from the staff from taught you how to draw an animal as well, and we’ll teach students the art of drawing a head of a bear. As you can see, this tutorial on drawing an image of a face of a bear is extremely useful if you wish to draw the image of a bear. This tutorial is incredibly easy, and the team of will ensure that even the least experienced artist will be able to master drawing the head of a bear.


Step 1

To draw a head of a human the first step is to draw an oval in the initial stage. However, to draw the head of a bear first it is necessary to draw the basic ball.




Step 2

With the aid of two geometric shapes in the shape of almonds, you can show the eyes of a bear. They should be right above the mid-point of the ball.




Step 3

Then, using an oval (or more precisely, a square with corners that are rounded strongly) draw the nose. Inside, represent the nostrils. This is in the lower part on the inside of the ball.




Step 4

Let’s now portray the mouth, the top line begins just below the eyes. Then, at the bottom, draw a somewhat open mouth.




Step 5

Let’s move up to the top and show the ears rounded with slightly tear lines. At the same time draw the crown of the head in between the ears.




Step 6

Then, using a vast amount of short “furry” lines, depict the lower half of the head of the bear. The line shouldn’t be perfectly proportional and even.




Step 7

Continue the steps on drawing an image of a bear head. By using similar “shaggy” lines, portray the neck and folds along the neck.




Step 8

Clean any auxiliary lines that are on the bear’s head, and then draw the lower part of their ears. Next, you should trace your work with dark lines to create greater cleanliness.




Step 9

Then, take a brown hue and paint the head of the bear. You could also paint it with white or black colors for a portrayal of the bear that is a polar (or the white) bear.




Dear visitors to here is the abridgment of the instructions on drawing the head of a bear. We are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions within the comment section below the words. Tell us about any other guidelines you’d like to read within pages on pages. Additionally, you can join on social networks and upload your work on the site.

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