The bear is among the most sought-after animals by artists. This is the reason we came up with this drawing guide on drawing a bear’s face. We chose to share this very complicated drawing in the form of just a few steps. The steps are laid out in a manner that the tutorial on drawing an adorable bear is simple and easy for anyone even for the least experienced artists.

Step 1

Then, we outline an enormous circle, using which we’ll determine the exact location of our bear’s head. If you intend to draw an image, you are welcome to draw this circle at the center of the paper.
In this stage, we draw out the position of the eyes with a horizontal line, and then break the bear’s head into two roughly parts by drawing the vertical line. Be aware that the horizontal line must be placed just a bit higher than the approximate center.



Step 2

This is the tutorial on how to draw a face of a bear. Let’s sketch out the major characteristics of the face of this gorgeous bear. By using rough, angular forms, we’ll draw the outline of the ears and nose. Additionally, in this stage, we sketch the lines of the eyes. They appear to be two semicircles.


Step 3

In this stage, we’ll include some important lines. The first step is to add the rounded forms from the previous step in order to make eyes for the bear. Then we draw a large nose and a pair of round nostrils.


Step 4

The next step is drawing the fundamental facial features of our bear. In this stage, we’ll draw a line to separate the lower and upper jaws. Also, we will outline the features that define the nasal area in greater fine detail.


Step 5

A tiny furry texture is precisely what is needed for this step. To represent this texture we’ll draw jagged waves laterally as well as below those facial characteristics. Be sure to draw the inner part of the ear as shown in our illustration.


Step 6

We can now safely erase all lines that are unnecessary from the drawing of our bear. Additionally, in this stage, we can rectify any errors or inaccuracies that we made in previous steps.


Step 7

In this process, we will create smaller shadows to make the drawing of the bear more real. The shadows appear like a series of small straight lines. In the areas in which the shadows with the most thickness are situated, you can add an additional layer of hatching. If you’re a novice artist who isn’t planning to use shadows, you may leave this step out.


Step 8

This is the final part of our drawing tutorial. When you adhere to the right order of the steps, you’ll be able to see this sketch on your sheet of paper:


If you choose not to apply shadows, you can draw in a color that depicts the face of the bear. It is possible to use black or brown to make regular bears in the forest. If you’d like your bear to be Polar, draw your bear’s face as it was in the penultimate or final step.

Our aim is to show you how to draw complex animals in a straightforward manner. It is also crucial to draw realistically enough. If we accomplish the task at hand, inform us about it. If not, please tell us about it as well. Make sure to follow us on social media channels. This will help us improve and develop interesting drawing guidebooks.

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