We basically show you how to sketch characters, soldiers, or any other characters from comics or anime. We also make different art lessons on weapons or equipment. This tutorial will focus on the weapon. So, let’s begin the lesson on drawing the bazooka for beginners.

Step 1
The whole lesson is very easy, and the very first step is stunning in its simplicity. In this case, we only have to draw a line across a large straight rectangle.

Step 2
The second part of the tutorial on drawing the bazooka is no more complicated than the previous one. In this step, we’ll need to sketch out the specifics on the back and front of the bazooka.

Step 3
Another easy step. In this step, we’ll need to sketch out an handle, a trigger, and a stock on the base of the. If everything is correct then the drawing of the bazooka has been completed.

As we explained at the very start of this lesson it is very simple to draw the bazooka. However, if you’re looking for more in-depth lessons on weapons, check out our category titled “Weapons”, where you will find instructions on various weapons, including swords and firearms.

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