The most popular and favored section of our website is the category “Weapons”, where we demonstrate how to draw firearms that are cold. Today we’ll demonstrate what it takes to draw the bayonet – – a cold weapon close to the barrel gun (rifle carbine, a machine gun, others. ) that permits it to serve as a spear in a battle with a bayonet. Today, however, the weapons aren’t as well-known as they were in the early and late 19th century. However, we’re sure that lots of people would like to master the art of drawing bayonets, and the team at will help you learn how to draw this in the most thorough manner.

Step 1

For drawing a bayonet it is first necessary to draw the line with a straight line. This can serve as a type of guideline so that the sketch of the firearm appears the most symmetrical and even.



Step 2

We’ll begin to draw the details of the bayonet starting from the back or from the blade. The first thing to do is draw out an iconic pommel. After that, gently draw the grip, which is flat on the top and slightly curved at the bottom.


Step 3

Swords typically have complicated guards, whereas, on the bayonet, guards are usually the most basic and practical look. Draw this guard as illustrated in the illustration drawn by the artists on


Step 4

It is, of course, the most crucial and also the most simple component in the Bayonet. With the aid of two lines that join the guideline drawn from the initial stage, draw the blade of the bayonet.


Step 5

Take an eraser and remove all unnecessary instructions from your bayonet sketch. Mark lines across the blade as well as round rivets in the grip.


Step 6

To make our bayonet drawing appear more real, we’ll require highlights and shadows. For this, we can use simple shading as we have seen our artist do in the illustration below.


This was the second instruction in drawing weapons, where we broke down the process of drawing a bayonet in six easy steps. On our website on drawing lessons, you will find an enormous number of instructional videos for drawing swords, machine guns, and other similar objects.


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