Welcome to a drawing tutorial on drawing the battle axe! A battle axe is a type of ax made to fight human power. It’s a multi-purpose weapon that cuts through shocks. One distinctive feature of the battle axe is the light blade’s weight as well as the pole’s length. Battle axes were single-handed as well as two-handed, one-sided and two-sided (we have a step-by-step tutorial on drawing the double axe).

Step 1
First, draw a straight, long line like in our case to guide the pole.

Step 2
Then, under the line of the previous step, draw a second line and join them as we did in the previous example.

Step 3
On the left side, you must divide the stick using a narrow line. Draw a slightly bent line to serve as a guideline to the point.

Step 4
Then draw the end of your axe. It is important to note that this area is of various designs.

Step 5
Make glare appear on the top of the axe using the aid of lines that are short and inclined as well as shadows with hatching.

The lesson on drawing an axe for the battle is done. In the Middle Ages, these weapons were extremely common, as well as the two-handed fantastic weapon, a sword as well as a bow. Apart from the conventional weapons we also have drawing lessons on extremely unusual weapons, like the kukri or Scimitar. Don’t forget to share this lesson and the other lesson we have.

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