In one of our previous tutorials on drawing, we demonstrated ways to draw taps. In this tutorial, we wanted to teach how to draw a bath. the drawing process of the shape of a bath.

Step 1
Take a pencil and draw out the top portion of the bath, as in our illustration. Utilize the simplest lines that will allow you to remove unwanted lines and then make adjustments in the later steps.

Step 2
Draw out the lower section of your bath. In this step and the previous one, we will use lines that are slightly visible. Remember to erase the guidelines in the next steps.

Step 3
Give some details general for the bathtub. In the upper area, draw the edges and tap the tub. On the lower side, you can draw legs. The majority of baths are set on the floor or in a specific space, however, we chose to draw a traditional bath.


Step 4
Let’s begin adding the final touch to our bathroom. Make sure you draw the tap carefully. Then, using extremely clear lines, draw out the edges that are higher as in the case of the artists from below.

Step 5
Then, draw out the bottom of your bath. Take care to draw the legs. The legs are very basic. legs, but you could draw them in a shape that resembles a lion’s paws for example. It is also possible to add designs to the legs and the sides of the bathtub.

Step 6
In the final part of our tutorial on drawing the bath, it is only left for drawing shadows as well as reflections. To create a glare that appears more real sketch lines around the edges of the glare, as in our illustration. In order to make shadows appear darker and denser make sure you include additional shading layers.

This was a drawing tutorial on drawing the shape of a bath. We believe it was an easy tutorial. If should you need more look up articles on the Mini Cooper or boots. Additionally, you can connect with us on social media (for instance, on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and a myriad of other social networks) and share your thoughts or comments about our drawing classes.

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