How to Draw a Bat

Do you love bats? In this drawing lesson, we’ll teach that you can draw the bat. This is a simple instruction, but if you follow the correct sequence of steps, you’ll achieve great results.

Step 1

First, we sketch the outline of two round shapes. If the bat was standing on its hind feet and we were drawing something like the bottom of a snowman. In our instance, we only have a few features of the angle, as the bat is directly in front of us.




Step 2

In this stage, we’ll draw the outline of the wings that are large. The result is two asymmetrical corners, which are significantly wider than the contours on the body that we saw in the previous step.




Step 3

Bats typically have large ears. In this section, we will draw the outline of the huge and fragile ears. The middle edges are slightly rounded like in our example.




Step 4

How do you envision the face of bats? If you are a fan of the cartoon style of drawing the animal, it is likely to have big eyes and a large mouth. But, in real life, bats have small eyes. Let’s draw this with an enormous, pig-like nose.




Step 5

A bite to the head of a bat won’t transform you into an actual vampire. If it does happen you must seek assistance from the nearest hospital. Bats have very tooth-like teeth. Let’s sketch this.




Step 6

This is why we continue our guide on drawing the bat. It is now time to draw the wings. In this stage, we’ll draw the lower half of the huge webbed wings.




Step 7

A pair of paws that are small is precisely the drawing we’ll use during this stage. The most effective method is to sketch two circular lines and then add lines that divide the distal edges of the feet into toes.




Step 8

This step is to sketch the outline that we will draw for the tails of our nighttime animal. These are the lines of a relatively large triangle that covers all the distance between feet, which we sketched in the previous step.




Step 9

Create three smooth lines that show the webbing on the wings as well as the cartilaginous edge on the top. Make sure to maintain the spacing between these lines correctly.




Step 10

The use of dark colors creates realistic drawings. Choose a darker shade than the base color to create an even shadow. Avoid bright and varied shades.




We hope that the drawing was easy. If you have any issues with drawing, contact us with your concerns. We’ll definitely keep your suggestion in mind as we design new guides.


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