how to draw a basketball player

If you visit this page, it’s likely you’d like to know what it takes to draw basketball players. This guideline will be included in the posts on drawing various occupations.

As with all the other tutorials available on, This one is sure to be incredibly simple. To make the process as simple as possible we have divided the entire procedure into 13 stages each of the brand new lines we painted in red. We also gave a straightforward and clear explanation.


Step 1

Let’s begin drawing basketball players from their bones. Draw the chest, head, and pelvis in the shape of ovals. Then, connect the ovals with a line that follows the spine. The limbs and torsos of the basketball player should be represented by using simple lines.




Step 2

A pair of lines drawn on the head can aid in illustrating the face of a basketball player. Connect the head to the chest, and connect the chest with the pelvis to form the human torso.




Step 3.

Mark both arms with the cylinders. Draw the shoulder and elbow joints as balls. Finish the third step by drawing hands.




Step 4

Do the same thing with the lower part of the player. This is to depict the lower and upper parts of the legs as a series of cylinders. You can also depict the knee joints in the shape of balls.




Step 5

Now, the lines of the second stage can be useful to us, with the assistance of which we’ll sketch our eyes along with the nose, eyes, and mouth. Then, we can adjust the shape of the jaw in order to create a more realistic appearance.




Step 6

Then draw a hairstyle that could be the same as the one shown by the artists at or be an entirely different design. In the sixth step show the ears. In order to understand how to construct an ear on paper, check out an instructional on how to build the construction of a head.




Step 7

Let’s now look at the specifics of the physique. Create the outlines of the basketball jersey. Then, draw all folds as the artists from did.




Step 8

Imagine a basketball in an ideal circle. Then, draw fingers, similar to the artists from in their sketch below these words.




Step 9

With just only a few lines, depict spacious basketball shorts. Draw those upper edges as well as designs of sneakers.




Step 10

Then, put the pencil away and grab an eraser to eliminate any unneeded guidelines from the torso and head. Utilize a pencil that is darker or ink to draw these areas.




Step 11

Use an eraser to clean the guidelines off the arms. Then trace them using a dark pen or pencil. Make those lines onto the ball to ensure that it has the shape of a basketball.




Step 12

Completely erase all unneeded guidelines off the player’s sketch. Draw all of the remaining guidelines to ensure the basketball player’s drawing appears more attractive and fashionable.




Step 13

To draw Basketball players choose from the color palette suggested by the artists at or any other color. It is possible to use colored pencils or paints, or even a felt-tip pen.




We walked effortlessly and confidently got to the end of the lesson on drawing basketball players. The team at endeavored to make it as simple as possible. We invite you to write us your thoughts about this procedure. We review all your comments and will respond to a number of them.

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