How To Draw A Basketball Hoop Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

First, the process to draw a basketball hoop is very easy and simple. Start making the guides for back as illustrated in the illustration. The result will appear like a huge plus sign. Then you will draw the perfect square, a small oval and then a large hourglass to make the grid.

Step 2
In the following basketball hoop it is important to draw the design of the backboard. The sides and tops are rounded, while it’s the middle that’s straight, diagonal. The hardest part is where you begin making the basketball grid. the best way to draw it is to zoom into this area to view the lines which make up the net.

Step 3
When drawing the final design of the basketball hoop the pins will be drawn along the outside wall of the backboard as well as the net for the backboard. Once you’re done, you’re able to remove the rules that you created in step one.

Step 4
Then here’s the final sketch after everything has been completed. The only thing left now is to paint some colors and personalize the basketball hoop according to your preference. I hope that you find this guide on drawing the basketball hoop step by stage easy and useful.

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