In one of our earlier drawing classes, we taught you the art of drawing the Basilisk – a terrifying mythological creature, whose eyes changed people to stone. Today, we’ve drawn a lizard bearing its name. terrifying creature. So, let’s discover the best way to draw the basilisk.

Step 1 Sketch out a tiny head and a torso that is narrow with the help consisting of 2 ovals. With the aid of gentle lines, draw the neck and the tail.

Step 2 With simple lines, sketch out the legs. Then, draw combs onto the neck and head, and make the tail thicker.

Step 3 On the head, draw the eyes and mouth. It is important to strengthen the neck and limbs of our Lizard. Then draw long, bent fingers.

Step 4 Let’s go over the specifics that are in this drawing. Utilizing dark and clean lines, draw the outline of your head. Draw out the mouth, and eyes and draw some wrinkles onto the neck.

Step 5 Remove all guidelines that are not needed and using sharp and dark lines, trace the outline of the body of the basilisk.

Step 6 It’s time to add the final details. To allow the drawing to appear voluminous and complete, you can add some shadows by making hatching.

If you’ve followed all of our directions precisely, then you are aware of what it takes to draw the basilisk. To improve your abilities, try to draw this lizard in various positions using the techniques you gained from this course.

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