Hello, dear artists and sports enthusiasts. We usually draw athletic characters such as Punisher as well as Nick Fury. Today, we chose to draw a subject that is among the athletes’ most beloved friends, specifically the barbell.

Step 1

How create a barbell is, to begin with, a standard stick. Draw it using straight and long lines like in our illustration.

Step 2

Then, on the opposite side of the stick that you made in the previous step, draw two big cylindrical shapes.

Step 3

Create curved lines on the cylinders to make the bars on our barbell. On the sides, draw the smaller clips and plates.

Step 4

It is a simple process to follow is to remove all of the unnecessary lines of the barbell’s design.

Step 5

With hatching, create shadows on the bottom areas of our barbells to make them appear more substantial.

We hope this lesson has taught you how to draw an exercise bar. Please share this lesson with your fellow students and follow us on social media.

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