The world of ours is filled with many myths and legends that tell of heroic heroes, terrifying monsters, and many other types. Today we will be talking about a particular creature as we learn to draw an illustration of a Banshee.

Step 1
We begin by sketching out the body of our mythical animal. Start with the head by drawing it as an oval. The next step is to sketch the spine. Then, we draw the pelvis and chest. In the first step, sketch out the legs and arms using simple lines.

Step 2
Draw intersecting lines, by which we can sketch an outline of the Banshee. Next, draw outlines of the neck and torso that narrow at the waist, and expand into the hips. With the aid of simple geometric figures, sketch the legs and arms.

Step 3
With the assistance of long lines, draw out a beautiful Banshee hairstyle. Utilizing the same lines draw out the contours of clothing, as we did in our illustration. In the next step, we’ll draw dark lines and clear lines to finish the details.

Step 4
Let’s move on to what our characters face. The first step is to take care to draw your character’s eyes. Next, draw out the nose and a large mouth. Then, draw the contours of the face. Then, take any unnecessary guidelines of the mouth.

Step 5
In this portion of the tutorial on drawing the Banshee, you will be drawing hair. By using long lines and curving lines, trace the hair’s lines to give them a more realistic appearance.

Step 6
Then, using clear and dark lines take care to draw the neck out and torso as illustrated in our example. Be aware that we must trace out our torso with dark and clear lines.

Step 7
We now need to use the hands of the Banshee. With the aid of dark and clear lines, we’ll need to draw hands as well as the long and torn sleeves of the dress.

Step 8
We’ll now look at the lower section of the body of our character. By using smooth and long lines, we’ll have to sketch out what will be the lower edge of the skirt. Draw the feet and then erase all other unnecessary details in the sketch.

Step 9
The drawing instruction on drawing the Banshee is close to being done, all that is needed is to draw the shadow. Be aware that shadows must be drawn using dense hatching and placed over those places where light is not falling.

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