How to draw a banner

Learn how to draw a banner with simple step-by-step instructions. 3 different banners: a simple straight banner to get you started, a nice wavy banner for a better look and an ultimate double banner to show off all the tricks you might need for any banner shape.

ooking for easy banners to draw for your bullet journal, planner, gift wrap or scrapbooking? Today, I’m sharing four, simple banners with step by step instructions for each.

I love adding hand drawn elements to my journals and gift wrap. They’re a fun and easy way to add personalization and creativity to everything you do. I am definitely not an artist, so if I can draw these easy banners, I know that you can too!

Let’s go step-by-step and learn, together, how to draw a banner!.

Looking to add a fancy title to a poster or drawing? A banner can add some instant style and are not that hard to draw, once you have tried out a few. 

This tutorial shows how to draw three different kinds of banners, starting with the easiest and then getting a little fancier. The process is pretty much the same for each. If students start with the main section, then add matching ends, and then connect the two, they’ll have a nice and symmetrical shape that is ready to get filled with their letters.

How to draw a banner Step by Step

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a banner ribbon. This is a very common design element. Such an object is very often used for advertising purposes when you need to beautifully present any information. The banner ribbon is usually bright red, as this is the color that attracts attention.

Banner tape can have different widths and a different number of bends. This picture shows a narrow banner ribbon that has two curves and a beautiful curly edge. In general, it looks very attractive.

This tutorial will be very helpful for you. You will train your attention, accuracy, the ability to draw smooth lines and observe symmetry. You can use this banner tape in your future drawings. For example, you can decorate a greeting card for your friends with this banner ribbon and write some small wishes in the center of the ribbon.

  • Draw a straight line – or as straight as you can – followed by a parallel line below it.
  • Close the two lines to create a rectangle.
  •  Draw two lines on each side slightly below the top of the rectangle. 
  • Now put a dot inbetween your new parallel lines, just inside a little (not flush with the ends). The dots will create your V-cuts on the tail of the ribbon.
  •  Close the tails with two straight lines that attach to the original rectangle. 
  • Finally, draw a diagonal line from the corner of the original rectangle to the inside corner of the tail. This creates a folded look.

Some banner drawing pictures

This will be the top of your banner. You can make it as long or as short as you like…think about what you’re going to write inside and use that to gauge how big your banner needs to be. If you want, you can even pencil in your word first and then work around it to make sure it’s the right size.

Banners are used to give titles for writings and drawings. A banner can add a lot of style to a drawing or a poster. Just try them out and see how they work. In this article, children will learn how to make three different kinds of banners. We will start with the easiest and then get a little fancier one.


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