How to Draw a Bald Eagle -

How to Draw a Bald Eagle

How to Draw a Bald Eagle

This guide will show you how to draw the bald eagle. We made it easy for beginners to learn. You can still make a realistic drawing if you put in your efforts. We found it enjoyable to create this lesson, as the eagle represents freedom and independence. We hope you get great results!


How to Draw a Bald Eagle

Step 1: Sketch the Outlines for the Head and Torso

We first outline two ovals. One will show the position of the large body and the other the location of its head. Because there is no volumetric plumage, the upper oval is smaller.




Step 2: Sketch the Outlines for the Neck and Tail

With a wide neck, connect the head to your body. Mark a small bump on the back of your head. Draw a tail at bottom of the body. It’s a long triangle that goes down. We get a proud bird with an impressive body.




Step 3: Draw the beak of an Eagle

Below, draw a line for your mouth. The beak should appear large and predatory in comparison to its head. You should make the beak look menacing and frowny.




Step 4 – Draw an Eagle’s Eye

Draw small circles around the eyes. Draw lines across the eyes and point them towards the beak. This will create a brow arch-like in our reference. Young eagles are born with gray eyes. These birds’ eyes develop a yellow tint as they age.




Step 5: Draw the bottom edge of the neck

 It will look like a jagged line. This line is used to separate a small portion of the large oval’s top. Avoid symmetrical and uneven corners.




Step 6 – Draw the wings of an Eagle

Draw two outstretched wings. Because of the perspective’s peculiarities, one wing can be seen in its entirety while the other wing is shown as a narrow oval. Both wings are longer than the oval in the first step.




Step 7 – Draw the tops of the Paws

Draw the outline of the base of your paws. Be aware that the legs extend beyond the body. These contours are rounded to a smooth taper. The paws are separated by a smooth horizontal line.




Step 8 – Draw Slaws for an Eagle

Draw the powerful claws of the eagle’s sharp claws and rounded toes. The arrangement of the toes of the right paw is different than the arrangement of the fingers of the left paw. Make sure to draw the smooth curves, contractions, and lines that you see in this example.




Step 9 Draw the large feathers of an Eagle

Now we are in the final stretch. Draw some lines along the length of the largest feathers. This is an important detail.




Step 10 – Draw feathers on the Torso

Use short, rounded lines to create the feather texture. You can see that the lines in our eagle image are not directed in any different direction. These lines are stronger on the wings than they are on the body.




Step 11 – Delete the Guidelines

This is what you get if we take out all the unnecessary guidelines. If you find that your sketch is not what you wanted, take a look at the entire process and see where you have made mistakes.




Step 12 – Color your Eagle Drawing

Let’s now add color to our eagle drawing. The head, neck, and beak can be colored in light gray. The body, legs, and beak can all appear in dark yellow. You can paint the eyes in either yellow or dark red.




We hope you found our guide to drawing a bald Eagle useful. We are also open to your comments and questions. We are also open to your suggestions and requests for topics for new guides. This will be a great help to us.

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