Hello, dear friends! Today, we’ve prepared the latest drawing tutorial that is connected to Russian culture. In our previous lessons, we taught the art of drawing the matryoshka, Cheburashka, and Olympic Mishka. In this video tutorial, we’ll show the user what to draw the Balalaika known as a Russian instrument of music.

Step 1
First, draw an arc, this will form the principal shapes of the body of the Balalaika.

Step 2
By drawing an elongated rectangle, trace the neckline of the balalaika. The length of the neck should be equal to the length of the body.

Step 3
The head should be drawn in a form that resembles a trapezoid. Then proceed into the following step.

Step 4
Eliminate all the guidelines and create lines on the body slightly curled.

Step 5
By using three straight and long lines, draw the strings. With short lines, draw frets. Draw the pattern and sound hole as in the example below and then the balalaika is in place.

We hope that this drawing lesson will help you draw the Balalaika. Say goodbye to your friends!

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